Friday, January 4, 2013

Child Safety Tips for Playing with an Electric Car

Technology has given us so much in the past years. It has made our lives easier, better and more fun! Kids also benefit from advances in technology. They now have electric cars or battery operated cars that they can ride and drive. But, how safe are these toys? If you are planning on buying an electric car for your child, read these safety tips to ensure a fun ride with the kids.

Buckle up

First of all, a battery-powered car usually runs at 5 km/h. If you want a fast car, make sure that it has seatbelts. Well, actually, fast cars should not be driven by children. Skip the speed and go for safety.

Skip the streets

The streets are unsafe for your kids. Don’t let them drive on your street as there are many dangers out there that your kid driver may not be prepared for. Go to the park or designate a safe zone in front of your house where they can drive around in. If you do let them on the streets, make sure that you are there to supervise them.

Build their own track

If you have a big backyard, why not build your kids their own race track? This way you can be assured of their safety. You can use a gravel path or have the track paved but that would probably require a small investment on your part.

Watch out for grown up cars

Your kids can’t easily be seen by adults driving a normal-sized car. They are just not high enough. Tell your children to watch out for grown up cars and get out of the way as soon as they spot them. They should also press on the horn until they get the adult’s attention. Cars that are backing out are also dangers to watch out for. When a car is backing out of the drive away, your child can easily be run over because they are not visible in any of the mirrors.

Watch out for pedestrians

Teach your children to stop when there are other kids or adults crossing the street. They should learn to be respectful of pedestrians. An electric kid car won’t cause serious injuries but it can cause some cuts and broken bones.

Don’t chase other cars

Whether they are on foot or in another car, teach your child not to chase or go racing with other cars. This can also cause injury.  

Driver’s Ed

Finally, a toy car is still a car and there are rules of the road to be taught. Teach your child some basic driver’s education so that he can be safe. Teach him what signs mean, what the traffic lights mean and how to respect other drivers and pedestrians.

A toy car can be a fun learning experience for your child when used properly.



This article was written by mom blogger Norma Brown. For more tips and ideas for Christmas presents for kids, check out my site. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

5 Auto Predictions for the Next 10 Years

When we think back to all those old fashioned science fiction films of the 1950s, we should be driving flying cars by now and dinner should be made by robots. Even as far back as the 1980s, Marty McFly was floating around on a hover board and had self-closing runners. Sadly none of these things made it to the mainstream.

However, here are some exciting predictions relating to cars and transport for the next hundred years or so based on what science believes is possible – no hover boards here.

Software Predicts Traffic Jams

The notion of ending up in traffic jams is one that puts a shiver down most of our spines. However, the roads of the future will come equipped with GPS, roadside sensors and linked to data and algorithms that will predict when things are going tails up. This will mean we may know of an issue hours before it occurs and so can avoid the area, or it can even be prevented.

Electric Cars

Electric cars will increase in prevalence and also in the distances they can do – however, they will still not do nearly as far as traditional cars. One significant improvement to conquer range issues will come with fast charging points that can fuel cars up in minutes, making the electric car a more common sight.

Truly Connected

The car of the near future will be truly connected and this will make the driving experience amazingly easy. These changes will account for a number of things.

  • Cars will communicate with traffic lights
  • Cars will interact with other cars to prevent accidents
  • You will be able to connect with your home network and set up your in-car playlists from your living room
  • Cars will be connected to bank accounts and pay for petrol automatically
  • Cars will inform you if someone dents your car and record footage of the incident.

3D Printing

More and more car parts will be produced using 3D printing. This will make for faster, lower costing parts that can be produced when and as needed. Expect to see these printers first in garages and then in your home. You simply pay and download the part needed and then print in in your home from your own 3D device.

Car Tires and Bacteria

Car tyres are made from natural rubber and this is produced by trees. In the future this will be produced from coli microbes to keep up with the demand. This bacteria produces the rubber as a by-product of metabolising plant sugar and Goodyear are currently testing the results.

The future looks amazing and also bright – so, let’s look forward to a lot more happy driving.

Cormac Reynolds is a car lover and tech nut and writes for First Vehicle Leasing a UK contract hire company