Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tips for a successful Open House: Part 1.

When you think of preparing for an open house you mainly think of getting the house clean, and well maintained, right? Right, but that’s not quite enough. There are plenty of things to consider when you are thinking of having an Open House.

Use every resource available
Get a good “rider”. These are the signs that you can hang on top (or the bottom) of your already set FOR SALE sign. You can get them easily, pre-made and it can go on and off your sign, once you’re ready to have the event. A week before “Open House this Sunday”.
Advertise online: there are plenty of sites both of Real Estate and Classifieds (like iNetGiant) where you can post your Open House as an event. You can post as much information as you need and it can be ongoing, not just for the day of the Open House, but for further information for potential buyers. This can be a go-to information place if you (or your realtor) need to refer a buyer to the property and it’s characteristics.

Be there but don’t be there
There are opposite opinions regarding the state of the house for when the potential buyers arrive.
Some people think that it’s good for the house to have a presence of a family or of someone actually living there, it makes it easier for them to imagine themselves in that position. That feeling can be conveyed through family portraits or anything that resembles an actual life.
Others think that by keeping those items during the Open House (and not taking down the portraits for example) you are making the buyers nervous, like you’re not ready to let go of the place and it’s harder for them to imagine themselves in that property.
Whatever you decide to do with your items is your choice. However, no matter what, you should not be in the house while the potential buyers are around. This will make them not be able to voice opinions and thoughts. It’s much better if the buyer and the seller don’t know each other that much time ahead.

Neighbors are buyers too
Though it may not be exciting to have people, that you see every day but don’t really have a relationship with, go through your closet and cabinets, it’s always good to invite the surrounding neighbors to the Open House.
People tend to pay attention to available properties around them. Even if they’re not interested for themselves, they may know someone that is, and since they already know the neighborhood, they might be the best advertising that you have, and it’s free!
You can even invite them personally. Let them know that the event is going on so they feel included in a sense of community consideration, and they can also see the place themselves.

Make sure to take a few cautionary measures, after all, it is your house that you are opening to the public.
·         As a security measure, have the potential buyers show you proper identification.
·         Don’t let the groups get too big without supervision. Maybe groups of no more than three, with someone walking with them.
·         Store valuables.

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