Thursday, December 6, 2012

House Exchange: a family adventure

Travelling is an important decision that is not to be made lightly, not only because it entails scheduling, but because it demands large amounts of money. Travelling as a family is even harder! Add to that school schedules and double the budget!
Well, what if it didn’t have to be that way? What if you could be a part of a system that allows you to save money and still have a great vacation? Participating in a House Exchange allows you to experience things in a different way, and save a lot of money and not to worry about peak season. In this article I’ll tell you why a home exchange as a family is especially appealing.

Saving money
Well, this applies to all House Exchanges, not just to those made as a family. So, the budget will feel a lot more comfortable since you don’t have to take into account accommodation. The deal is that you leave your house and go into another one, and that family will move into yours. Typically there’s no money involved. Sometimes the site that manages the exchanges will ask for a member’s fee, which some people take as a validation of that exchange being more “legit” than others. Usually, though, it’s managed through a sort of honor code and no money involved –You take care of my house and things and I’ll do the same-. A way to feel safe is to read reviews of users which are always helpful.

Living the real life and spend some quality family time
What I love about travelling is to really experience the city I’m going to spend time in. I like to see how the real people live. I remember being in Paris and thinking, this is what I’ve always dreamed of, yet there are thousands of people that woke up every day of their lives and this is their reality.
You can’t experience it, really experience it, if you’re stuck in the middle of the touristic areas. Though that’s not necessarily a bad thing, a House exchange might let you explore the surroundings of the center of the city. You will most likely get to live the real life.
You will become acquainted with the local grocery clerk, hang out at local bars, walk around those streets that the travel books don’t tell you about.
Also, the whole idea of a family vacation in a home is to spend it as a family, in the home of another family. So, when dinner time comes, you can all sit around a table, just like home and spend quality time, just maybe in another country!

Kids have fun
An important thing to notice when looking for potential families to switch houses with is to select those that have kids around the same age as yours. This is important because it’s going to make things a lot easier when it comes to entertaining your children. A house full of toys and books for them to play with and read while you relax will be a feature that no hotel will provide fully.

Make sure you check out the House Exchange section at iNetGiant, you might find the perfect spot for you and your family! 

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