Thursday, December 6, 2012

First thoughts into a Home Business

Your life dictates that you need to start your own home business. Whether it’s because you are a stay at home dad or mom but still need the income, or you’re looking for ways to expand your finances. Some extra money can’t hurt.
The only thing you know is that you need for your business to be run from home, yet, you don’t exactly know what that business is exactly. Remember, just because it’s in your own home, doesn’t make it any easier, it just makes it closer.
I’m going to walk you through some of the thoughts you need to have before you even start with your new adventure.

If you can, do what you love
Since this is, ideally, your choice, try to make it the best one for you. What do you love to do? What did you dream about when you were growing up? You most likely ended up in jobs that were practical, but didn’t really say anything to the passionate part of your soul. Now is the time! Write down a list of everything you wanted to do and that could potentially be a business. Look deep inside your skill set and combine those two.
A good way to know if you really love what you could potentially do is to imagine yourself actually doing that task, with no pay. Try to think of yourself going through an internship of something you love. Do you still love it? Didn’t think so. Do this exercise as many times as you need to. The list of things you like/love will be a long one.

Not everybody can be an astronaut
Now go back to the list and with all honesty, cut down the jobs that are not realistically possible for you to do from home, or from your personal characteristics. For example, you won’t be able to run a gym if you don’t like sports, exercise or even know anything about it.
If what you like is animals, you probably won’t start by being a vet. You could go to school to become one, but chances are you won’t at this point. However, there are many things that you could do. What is it that you like about animals? Think about that. You can start a pet toy store, a grooming service, a dog-walking business, a pet daycare. The possibilities are endless at this stage.

What’s out there
Now that you are narrowing your list down and actually developing it into actual possibilities, it’s time to do some research. Find out online if businesses are looking to expand. Often times they will offer franchises that you could launch from home. Look into the areas that you are most interested, for example, education and look for opportunities there. Sometimes the best way to start a home business is to further develop one that already started.

Who did it before
A great way to do research is to talk to people that have already been where you are now. Talk to people you know (or even people you don’t know) in the industry you want to be a part of. People that have their own businesses really like to share the knowledge of experience and save you some of the troubles they went through.

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