Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Car reviews: 2011 Chrysler Town & Country Touring L

You decided to change your car. Maybe the family got bigger and a simple car just wouldn’t cut it. You wanted the practical aspects of a minivan, yet you needed to keep it stylish and upscale. A brand new car was maybe a bit too much of an investment but you knew you could still find a car that would fit you perfectly. So you went for the Chrysler Town & Country Touring L. Great choice, I must say, if James Bond had to take his kids to soccer and still keep his favorite car features, this is the car he would pick.

The 2011 model had several improvements both in the exterior and the interior, and had a few mechanical adjustments as well.

General aspects on the outside
·         17’’ alloy wheels
·         Xenon headlights
·         Auto dimming side mirrors

General aspects on the inside
·         Leather upholstery
·         Heated
o    Font seats
o    Steering wheel
o    Second row seats
·         Keyless and remote ignition
o    Keyless entry
·         Bluetooth
·         Navigation system
·         DVD entertainment center for the rear set
·         Premium nine speaker audio system
·         Power adjustable front passenger seat

Renewed inside
The 2011 Town and Country may have subtle changes compared to previous models, however, they make a difference. The dimensions are practically the same, though the feel is completely different. The cabin’s upholstery and design translate into a luxurious experience for the driver.
But not all the changes are superficial, they are also quite functional. You want this car for its style and also its benefits.
The Town and Country’s Stow and Go row seat fold into the floor flat. It is not necessary to remove the middle row to accomplish full cargo capacity. It’s very easy to operate and it can be done in a daily basis, depending on your car routine and needs.
The third row seat (with its 60/40 split) can de flipped to the back and create a different yet comfortable seating space.
If the rows remain untouched, the space available is 33 f³, but if you fold the second and third row seats, that space goes to 143.8 f³.

Renewed performance
You like the way it looks, but you still want to feel good when driving it. Well, that can easily be accomplished. You’ll enjoy its 3.6 liter V6 engine with a 283 hp strength through a 6-speed automatic transmission. Though these features also allow fuel economy. You can get 17 miles per gallon in the city, versus 25 miles per gallon on a highway.
It will depend on your routine and what you do with the car, but the Town and Country can get from 0 to 60 miles 8.3 seconds.

And if you’re mostly concern about safety, this car gives you top-notch amenities:
·         Traction and stability control
·         Antilock disc brakes
·         Active front head restraints
·         Air bags
o    Front seat side impact airbags
o    Side curtain airbags with full length
o    Driver knee airbag
·         Rear cross-path detection system
·         Blind-spot monitor 

In conclusion, this is a great car that combines the best of both worlds. It's functional yet stylish. It doesn't get any better than this. Make sure to check out our wide variety of cars for sale at iNetGiant. Every brand and maker, you'll find the best deals in town! 

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