Sunday, November 18, 2012

What NOT to feed your cat. Part 1.

You love your cat, he’s the second, third or fourth roommate in your apartment and we know how much he means to you. I’ve seen the photos on Instragram, I get it. However, in the midst of all your loving and caring, you might end up feeding him things that are not good for him. For you it’s a delicious treat that you want to share with your kitty-friend, but for them it could be very harmful.
They may look like they have all the answers (they do, they really do) and know what’s best for them because cats are so independent and cool (Geez, aren’t they cool?). Well, that’s not always the case, so, take a look at this list and be careful:

Break out a tan of tuna and they’ll go nuts. Sure, it’s ok to share it once in a while but not too often. If you decide to feed them tuna all the time, they will become addicted to it and not get all the nutrients that they need; apart from provoking mercury poisoning. Think of it as your cat’s thanksgiving treat and save it for special occasions just a couple of times a year.

We know, you already bought the saucer because you like the sound that it makes when you put it down against the floor tiles, but dairy is not good for your cat. While kittens tolerate milk, adult cats do not. It can cause digestive problems because they can’t process it properly.

Well, this may seem like a no brainer, right? Let me tell you anyway. All alcoholic beverages and alcohol-containing foods can be very bad for your cat. The substance has the same effect on your cat’s liver as it has on you, but with a lot less quantity. Three teaspoons of whisky can kill your cat. We know you weren’t going to, but in case you decide to have a killer Christmas bash, keep your cat either somewhere else, or somewhere safe where a guest may try a (so not funny) prank.

Chocolate can be lethal for cats because it has a toxic ingredient called theobromine that can cause changes in heart rhythm, seizures, tremor and even death. A cat would not eat it on its own, but make sure you don’t leave any chocolate lying around after a Sunday filled with movies, ice cream and treats.

You’re thinking “why would I feed my cat Xylitol? I don’t even know what it is!”; and I’m not saying you would do it on purpose, it’s just that many things that are in your house contain this sweetener and it can be bad for your cat. Baked goods, candy, toothpaste, gum are some of the products that have Xylitol. It can make the insulin levels in your cat’s blood to drop, leading to liver failure. Loss of coordination, lethargy and vomiting are some of the symptoms. So, be careful not to leave these things within your cat’s reach.

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