Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starting to play an instrument

Even though playing an instrument takes time and patience to master the art, there are options out there for kid and adults. It will depend on what kind of sound you like the most. Here’s a list of the easiest (nothing is easy if you don’t practice though!) instruments for musical beginners:

Stringed instruments
The next three instruments don’t really have an order, but they are similar and are played in a similar way.
The violin, the cello and the double bass increase in size. They are played by rubbing a bow across the strings, except in the case of the double bass where you can also hit the strings because they are a lot thicker. They are fairly easy to start learning. The violin and the double bass can be played sitting down or standing up, while the cello’s only choice is to stand up.
Violins are very popular so you could join one of the many orchestras around if you decide to become a professional player. For beginners, it’s not recommended to start with an electric violin.
If you’re into jazz music, the Double bass is very popular in that type of ensamble bands.  
The guitar is one of the most popular and versatile instruments. It comes in different sizes and styles, but it’s also recommended that you start with a non-electric one. The biggest appeal of the guitar is that you can either play solo or with a group and it will still sound amazing.
The harp might sound like it’s impossible to play, but that’s actually a wrong notion. They are fairly easy to start playing and they come in different sizes. Since they are a rare instrument (and one of the most ancient) and not that popular it may be a challenge to find an instructor but at the same time, should you decide to become a professional harp player, you’ll be appreciated in orchestras.

Wind instruments
Flute is a great wind instrument to start because it’s very easy to learn, you can carry it anywhere with no trouble and it’s cheap to get. The clarinet is similar to the flute as it is very easy to start with.
The saxophone come in different sizes and styles: the alto sax (which is the most recommended for beginners), the soprano, the tenor and the baritone sax. It’s a good opportunity because the saxophone is sought after by orchestras.
The trumpet is a very good instrument to start with, especially if you like jazz music. It’s easy to carry, learn and you can get it for little money, although you should make sure that you purchase one with a good paint finish, otherwise it will easily chip.

Percussion instruments
My guess is that you were expecting to find drums here. Well, you might be surprised to know that the piano is a percussion instrument and fairly easy one to learn too. For beginners, it is recommended to get a traditional piano, though if you rather start with an electronic piano, it will do well too. It’s a beautiful sounding instrument and it’s very versatile.

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