Thursday, November 15, 2012

Selling your used car

Maybe because you want to upgrade to a newer and better model. Maybe because you need the cash. Maybe because you just want a change. Many reasons can drive you to the decision to sell your car and it can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Here are some few guidelines and tips before you even put your car in the market:
Knowing what’s out there
You may have had some good times in your car and you add an extra value to it. Just because you think it’s awesome, doesn’t mean that it actually is. And maybe it is awesome, but not the kind of awesome that people are looking for.
For example, family cars like sedans, may not impress your date but people buy them all the time. It’s a basic way of transporting yourself and usually cheap.
Work vehicles, such as trucks and vans will always sell, as long as you price it competitively. People have to work and need the vehicle, but for that exact same reason, they will look for the best deal. It won’t be a car that they buy to brag about, they will but it to perform their job and it doesn’t need to be fancy, so keep it at a good price.
A sports car or a convertible will attract a good amount of buyers. However, those buyers will want to drive it along the coast or take it to the Hamptons. So, trying to sell your convertible during the winter might not be the best way to go.
If your car is a collectible, it will be a lot harder to sell and to prepare for. However, once you find the buyer, you will most definitely get full price because collectors will search well until they decide to buy yours.
Once you know the kind of car you’re dealing with, check for ads with similar items. See what they are asking for. Look at the way that they use their words. Learn from it if you see something you like. Now that you know what’s out there, you need to set a price that is fair.

Where to look
Classifieds sites are the best for this kind of sales and research because chances are you can broaden your search and get a wider idea of how much sellers are asking for around the country.

A good bargain
Now you know what you should charge for your car, but do you know how much you can charge for it? And I’m not talking about taking it too far and make the biggest profit, I’m talking about whether you can stretch a little lower from the asking price. It will all depend on how much and how fast you need the money. If you have a bit of wiggle room, it will be much easier to sell.
Although used car salesman use a lot of psychology into their sales, it’s best if you are not perceived that way. Keep it simple and in round numbers. It’s $12,000, not $11,995!
Set your price $1000 more that what you really need. This way, if someone wants to ask you to drop the price in a big chunk, you can actually afford to. It will be a fair price for both of you and you’ll both feel happy with the perceived result.

There’s plenty of things to think of, but this is a start and it gives you a lot to work on!

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