Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Military trivia

You may be a book worm when it comes to military facts; you may participate in war reenactments; you may be a military person yourself, but I bet there are things that I’m about to list that you didn’t know. Here are some random facts about military that could go a long way for conversation in a dinner party. Feel free to share if you knew any of them of if you want to add some new ones!

    ·  Even though Air Force and Army are two different things now, up to 1946, the Air Force was called the Army Air Corp.
   · The Air Force found inspiration in nature to develop better ways. They discovered during research how to use aerodynamics for the F-117 fighters from the way bumblebees fly.
     ·  The Lewis and Clark Expedition of mapping and exploring of USA was an Army task. Army officers were the first to see such wonders as the Grand Canyon.
     ·  Can you name all the presidents of the United States? Can you do it in order? Well, I bet you can. Now, did you know that 30 out 43 presidents were Army men? Two dozens served during war time and two were given the 5-star rank, Eisenhower and Washington. T. Roosevelt was awarded the Medal of Honor. James Buchanan enlisted but didn’t go further to become an officer.
      ·  The Coast Guard is one of the most important forces against drug smuggling. However, the whole Coast Guard is smaller than the New York Police Department. I guess it takes a whole lot of cops to guard the city that never sleeps!
·  Even with huge companies in the US like Ford, General Motors, EG and others, the Department of Defense holds nearly 1.8 million people in payroll. They provide more employment that all those big companies combined. In order to hold all of those employees, the Department of Defense owns close to 30 million acres of land worldwide; there you can find most of the 737 US military installations overseas.
·         The now very fashionable Navy bell-bottom pants were designed to let men roll them up above their knees for washing the deck and also to be used as a life preserver, the legs had to be knotted and swung over the head to fill the legs with air.
·         The Marines are one of the best known forces of the military corps. There are several facts just for them! Their motto “Semper Fidelis” is Latin for Always faithful and was adopted in 1883.
·         They are referred to as Leatherneck comes from the stiff leather that they used around their necks in earlier times to protect the arteries from saber blows.
·         The Germans called the Marines during WW1 “Teufel-hunden” which translates into Devil-Dogs. That’s why the English Bulldog was later adopted as an unofficial mascot to symbolize their Warrior Spirit.

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