Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How much do you know about bicycles??

Be it that you chose to ride a bike to save money, to save the earth or to save your body giving it a dose of exercise, you chose it for a reason and we support that choice! Here are some fun facts about your favorite vehicle:

A healthy choice
We’re sure that you know that exercising is good for you, but did you know that if you ride three hours or 18 miles a week cuts in half your risk for strokes and heart disease? Think about it, it’s only 2 and ½ miles a day. You will barely break a sweat!
If the world triplicates its bike riders, car-bike crashes will reduce 50%, it’s a pure research fact! Leave your car keys, get your helmet and get going!

A trip down History Lane
The first “modern bicycle” was made in 1840 by Kirkpatrick Macmillan a blacksmith from Scotland. He put the cranks and iron rims. Before that you had to propel yourself like a proper Fred Flintstone.
Almost three decades after that, the “Boneshaker” was introduced. It featured an iron frame and rims, the wheels were made of wood. It was able to race and that’s exactly what they did! It weighed 175 pounds…try getting that one in the subway!
After the automobile was introduced, the bicycle use started declining because it was considered a –more dangerous- activity.
Remember those bikes with the big front wheel you saw in photographs? Before they used the sprocket-chain, the cranks and pedals were in that wheel and it was that big (up to 64 inch in diameter) to speed things up. 

Go green and save up some money in the way
There are up to 100 million bikes made every year and there are currently 1 billion in the world. They double the amount of cars.
Did you know that you can fit about 15 parked bikes where only one car is parked?
We all suffer the consequences of the gas prices going up constantly. Americans, on average use their bicycles only ones out of every 100 trips that they make, even to go to the store to pick up only one thing! The Dutch multiply that by 30 times! If Americans only double their bike use (only two out of one hundred!) they would save 3.5 billion litter of gas a year. Also, bike riding and therefore, fewer cars making traffic a living hell, makes a more livable and peaceful city.
If people in America would only replace just one out of 5 car trips with a bike ride, the atmosphere would spare over a ton of the carbon dioxide emissions. Altogether, it would be similar as taking over 45 million cars off the road.
Also, as far as saving money, a bike’s maintenance costs 20 times less than a car a year. 

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