Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Getting a collectible car

Well, you’ve dreamed about it since you were a little kid and played with toy cars. Then you dreamed a little bit more when you were a teenager and learned how to drive. And let’s face it, now that you’re an adult and watch those cars that Jay Leno and Jerry Seinfeld drive make you want to finally get one of your own. Of course your choice might not be as flamboyant as theirs, but you’ll be proud of it regardless!
Buying a collectible car is quite an investment, so here are a few pointers so you don’t get over your head trying to get the car that you want.

The road might get bumpy
What a lot of people don’t realize when they first get one of these cars is that they are not going to be a smooth ride. They have clinks and squeaks, and they might rattle quite a bit once they go on the road. The steering and the brake will differ as well. If you are used to the comfort of a modern car, understand that it will most definitely not be the same.
Maybe ask for a test drive if it’s possible, that will clear your doubts.

We want no copycats!
Unfortunately, one of the biggest obstacles to overcome in these purchases is realizing if you’re getting a counterfeit car, since forging and changing the parts it’s a relatively easy thing to do.
Do some research, you can get books online and learn how to find and read the car’s Vehicle Identification Number. This will give you a broader idea of how the car was originally equipped from the factory. Find out how many cars were made in that model, the original colors and as many things as you can think of.
A very good way of guaranteeing that the car is real and that there’s no monkey business involved is to get the proper documentation: original window stickers, past owners, etc.

It won’t be perfect but it will be yours
Following up on that “dream” of yours, you might want to bring it a bit down to earth. If you buy one that’s too perfect you won’t even want to drive it, and then what’s the point? Don’t let a few cosmetic defects prevent you from getting your dream car.
It is an investment and will probably be worth much more in time. However, there’s quite a myth surrounding the finding of these cars. If you see one at the side of the road, don’t overestimate your mechanical aptitudes. Getting a rotten car fixed and to perfection will not only take a whole like of time, but also a bunch of money. Let that to the professionals, look a little bit further and drive away with your new (old) car with no hassle.

Going once, going twice, sold!
Although auctions are a good place to buy a car, they are also a place where you can get overthrown in the action. The competitive spirit embraces you and you might end up paying much more that what you were planning. Before even going in, set your financial limits and stick to them no matter what. If you don’t get this one, you’ll get the next one!

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