Thursday, November 15, 2012

Garage sales: Everything must go!

Maybe because you found yourself overstocked with furniture (we tend to take those trips to IKEA too seriously and buy everything!), maybe you want to change styles and redecorate, maybe a relative gave you all of their belongings; in any case, a garage sale is a perfect way to get rid of extra furniture. Here are some things to take into account.

·         Whatever triggered your need for this event, I bet there are more things in your house that could be sold (just let go…). Walk around and examine every piece of furniture and maybe you’ll find more items that you can sell. You can even offer your close friends or family members to sell something for them. The bigger the offer, the more buyers will come around.

·         Make sure that you acquire any necessary permit to hold your garage sale. Either with the homeowners association or even the city, if you’re going to take everything into a public space, like the sidewalk.

·         Select a date, ideally start planning two weeks ahead so you have time to prepare and to advertise it in several ways. Set it for a Friday or a Saturday. These are the days that people are more willing (and able!) to go to such events. They can arrange for someone to drive them, or rent a van if they’re in the hunt for used furniture.
You can maybe stretch it out until Sunday, but you won’t have such a big crowd because people tend to take Sunday as a serious rest.

·         Advertise in many ways as you can, the week before. Don’t do it too soon because if it’s too far ahead people will forget and won’t plan for it. Use local papers, make pole signs and hang them in a wide radius around your neighborhood. Use classifieds websites to post the event and items. Make sure you don’t forget the following information:
o Time and Place
o Items list (general, not that many details)

·         Make an inventory of the final items you are going to display and sale. This will help you keep track of your sales and cross out the sold items. Make minor repairs if necessary in order to make your furniture look its best. Remember, though, that buyers who are willing to buy at a garage sale will most likely know that they will need to fix them, so don’t invest too much money or time into this.

·         Price reasonably or maybe just a tiny bit higher in order to leave some room for haggling.

·         Set up and start very early in the morning. Garage sale shoppers try to go as soon as possible to get the best furniture.

·         Be very friendly and lively, these people are using their weekend to come and buy your furniture, be kind to them.

·         If you have many things you didn’t sell, there are always last minute deals that you can offer. Also, you can donate them or save them for a future sale.

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