Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fun Halloween decoration ideas!

So, Halloween is just around the corner and the streets will fill with trick-or-treaters in their favorite costumes. For some of these kids Halloween is a long waited holiday and they probably picked their disguise months ago! So, along with your neighbors, help make this a memorable one, they’ll soon lose interest and we have to make this one count! But then again, maybe just do it for you and your friends! Halloween is a very fun day and night and it can get really creative.
Here are some ideas for decorating, from classics to well thought and produced scary scenarios!

The reign of the undead
And it wouldn’t be Halloween without some undead. Skeletons go a long way into scaring those kids and they can be used in so many ways!
Get a whole bunch of them and fill your yard:
As a greeting group. Decorate them with hats, ties, or something in each of them. They are friendly, but skeletons nonetheless…
Fill a wheelbarrow with dirt and have some bones and skull sticking out of it, like you just finished digging up one.
Arrange a tombstone made out of foam with a funny epitaph and arrange a skeleton in the grass like he’s relaxing. It’ll give the impression that he just went out to get some air.

Spiders all around
Halloween is all about the big scary paranormal activities and beings, but what about those very real and very scary things we don’t like? Spiders!
Make a doormat that looks like a spider web and trick-or-treaters can step into and get scared! Just cut a black mat into a round shape and draw the web with chalk. Then cut clothesline to cover the chalk and stick it together with heavy-duty glue.
A big (and we mean BIG) and scary spider hanging from a beam in your front porch could be a great hit. Even better if you can make it dangle and fall in front of your guest’s faces when they ring the doorbell! Just spray paint black two foam balls, one smaller than the other, and after they dried, either glue them together or stick them together with a toothpick. Stick eight chenille stems to the sides of your spider to simulate the legs, and then hang it in plain sight!

Crazy witches
Remembering the witches of Salem or even the great Hocus Pocus movie, having the witch figure is a great feature in your Halloween decorations.
Having a real witch hanging out at your house could go a long way. If you get a mannequin online, you can use the legs to put them upside down in an urn in your porch. Dress them up in stripped tights and add some buckled shoes. You’ll be the hero to your trick-or-treaters because you caught one!
Who has not dreamed about flying in a witch’s magic broom? Well, you can create the illusion of actual flying broom by creating a “parking lot”. Just place some styled (with branches and leaves) broom sticks against a wall, one by the other, make a funny sign and threaten to tow anyone’s vehicle that’s parked illegally in that spot!

Now that you have a ton of ideas, get started and spook some trick-or-treaters!

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