Sunday, November 18, 2012

French bulldog facts

Well you’ve seen them around in every corner. They are the cutest of all dogs. Those bat ears and snoring noses are just to die for. Well, I might be biased, I have a thing for vampires, but regardless, aren’t frenchies super cute?
Here are some notorious facts you may not know about them and advices in case you were considering getting one to brighten up your life!

·         We now know that they have those cute bat ears. However, at first they sported both bat and tulip ears, which were folded over. American breeders opted for the bat option. Comic book lovers that they are. That is now the standard.

·         Frenchies carry the roots of terriers and bulls, so it’s not surprise that when confronted with the same gender they sometimes tend to be aggressive. A way to avoid this is to ease them into other males right when you get them, as puppies. Neutering is also a solution to this behavior, such it arise.

·         They are stubborn in nature, their whole body is built to prove that point! They will be hard to train unless you turn it into a game that they can enjoy.

·         Their flat faces are cute, you just want to pinch it and kiss it. Also, it is the source of why you may not sleep at night, because it makes them snore!

·         They are stocky and small but strong. Although they are great with children, they may knock them over without wanting to harm them. You should always keep an eye on children playing with dogs, regardless of the breed.

·         The Titanic had great loses, but among them was a French Bulldog. He was reportedly insured for over $700 dollars. It is no wonder though, since they were the most popular breed during the second decade of the XX century, when the Titanic sank.

·         They come in various colors: white, brindle, fawn, white and brindle. However, solid black, black and tan, liver, mouse, black and white are considered disqualifications. We love them anyway, don’t we? Disqualified and all…

·         You better get used to the fact that they are going to live with you! Don’t plan on keeping them outdoors because it’s not healthy for them. There’s a reason why they were the favorite pets of many kings, they have to be treated like kings! They are short nosed (aka brachiocephalic) which means that they can’t regulate the temperature on their bodies and could dehydrate easily.
They are sometimes known as frog dogs because they get so hot that they lie on their stomachs and pull their legs back, like frogs.

·         Also, if you have a pool, you should keep an eye on your frenchie. Should they fall, they are terrible swimmers because they are top-heavy.

·         French bulldogs are very prone to allergies. If your dog needs to go to surgery for some reason, make sure you talk to the vet, because your dog may be allergic to the anesthesia.

·         Because of the allergy situation, it’s much better if you feed your French bulldog with high quality food with little or no preservatives and artificial colors. 

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