Sunday, November 18, 2012

Fish Breeds: which one goes with you?

You wanted a pet to lighten up the mood in your house but didn’t really have the time to take care of other types of pets so you decided on fish. After some research and visits to your local pet store you realized that although it’s fairly easier than taking care of a dog, it’s not something to take lightly.
Now that you know how to care for a fish, do you know which fish? It will depend on what you’re expecting of the pet. It won’t greet you at the door, but it can be entertaining to watch, especially if you have little kids that are best not exposed to dogs or cats just yet.

This is the go-to fish when you’re just getting into fish-caring. It is the best choice if you don’t really want to (or don’t have time to!) pay attention to special needs and cares. Goldfish are commonly found in a golden-orange color, though they can be bred in various patterns: White, yellow, black, orange and some of them in a very sought gray.
Goldfish were the first breed to be domesticated to be kept indoors.

Danios are very energetic, they stay super alert. Their hyperaction keeps you entertained because they tend to be very -acrobatic-. As for their appearance, they are sometimes called zebras because they present stripes in their body.
The bad aspect of them is that they sometimes are aggressive due to their high energy. This can be easily solved, keeping them in surroundings where they are the smallest fish and won’t threaten other. That won’t be difficult since they are small fish themselves.
They hold great survival skills so they can easily adapt to any changes in their environment.

Well, you didn’t want a dog because you don’t have the time or the space to keep it and so you opted for a fish. However, you want to see some aspect of interaction. Well, Gourami fish are known for their relative intelligence (considering domesticated fish) that can help them be trained for responding to visual commands; this can be a great feature for kids that demand some action!
As far as behavior, Gourami are generally a peaceful breed, but as many others can become a bit aggressive towards other male of the same species or smaller fish. A solution for these issues is to keep getting a larger tank if you consider adding more life to it in order to provide more shelter for smaller fish.

Indian Glassy
These fish are sought after because the main appeal is their appearance: almost transparent. To be more appealing, some of them are “painted” fluorescent. You can tell female and male apart because the latter have fins with dark edges.
They can grow up to 3 inches and do require special care though they make great pets.

These are functional fish apart from being a pet. Since thy are omnivorous they feed with ingredients both from plants and meat. They are what they call: bottom-feeding, which is very good because they have a great appetite for algae. They actually help you keep the tank clean! A down side of these fish is that they are more active during the night so you won’t really see that much action during the day.

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