Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First steps for Tarot learning

Either somebody threw your tarot cards, or you saw it on tv or Heard of it somewhere, you are now interested in Tarot. What usually happens is that there is a sense of “scam” in the back of your head that makes you not trust the process. So, you want to find out for yourself and learn how to do it. That way, you’ll better trust the reading and feel more comfortable. You wouldn’t lie to yourself, would you?

There’s not just one “right” way of doing it
If you’re a perfectionist and want to get everything exactly right, let us tell you that this won’t be the case. You’ll see which type of reader you are in time. You can either do a more intuitive reading, where each card lets your imagination run wild; or maybe you will do more of a cold reading, where you know exactly what to say with each card. Try what you feel most comfortable with.

Finding the right teacher
You will most likely learn from a book. So, after you get your deck, throw away the “white book” which is what comes with the deck, it’s purely about the backgrounds of Tarot but won’t actually teach you how to draw cards, if anything it will confuse you.
So, get a book, you can find thousands of books online. But it’s very important to pick just one! The search can be exciting and you’ll be tempted to get a whole bunch of books, but that will only confuse you. The different methods from different teachers will most likely make you doubt yourself, and that’s the last thing you want to happen!

Learning by heart or saying it from the heart
This will depend on your personality and on the way you learn things. Some people will rather memorize things and feel much more comfortable and secure performing like this. Other people don’t find that method as useful. For the second group of people, it’s highly recommended to find a keyword for each card. Making mental and conceptual associations with each card will make a much richer reading.

It’s an everyday thing
You’ll find that it’s much better for your tarot drawing skills to commit to it every day. Not in a time-consuming way, but in a getting-it-under-your-skin way.
Get a journal and write everything related to tarot: dreams you may have, drawings you think of, thoughts, experiences.
Draw a card every day. Think of it during the rest of your activities. Meditate. Find meanings, think of keywords.
Finally, have a tarot deck at hand. Keep it close, look at it whenever you can. Have it in your bed, below your pillow. Get in the tart spirit!

Share the love
Either to learn more or to share your experiences, find people who love tarot as much as you (you will love it). There are many communities online where you can get together with groups that share your interest!

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