Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dog Breed facts: Pomeranian

Well, if you were looking for a lively dog to brighten up your house and your family, you’ve certainly made a good choice. Either if you are considering getting a Pomeranian or already have gotten one, this information will further your education and make you love them even more!

Historic fun facts

  • Although Pomeranians are a small breed in the present, developed in Germany, their ancestors can be traced to Iceland. In the beginning they were up to 20 pounds in weight and only white, so in such cold weather and with such a strong fur coat they were used as sled dogs. Every once in a while, completely unpredictably, a Pom can be born resembling their Iceland ancestors and weigh up to 20 pounds as well!
  • Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States, had a Pom named Gem.
  • The first Dog Show to include Poms was in 1911. Short after, in 1912, the Titanic tragedy had a canine among the survivors, you guessed right, it was a Pom!

Furry monsters
They are known to be these cute furry balls, so you just assume that they have very fluffy hair. In fact, what makes that happen is that they in fact have two coats. The inner coat consists of short thick fur and the outer coat is the long hair we can see.
That particular fur makes them go through a phase known as “Puppy Uglies” which is when they become adults and change coats. Sometimes the results is a very strange look with balding spots and some hairs sticking out. It’s the equivalent of an akward teenager with pimples.
The Pomeranian is a breed that comes in a lot of colors, both solid and combined colors. One will never look exactly like another Pom. Also, the color may change between being a puppy and moving onto adulthood.

Furry and loving
Pomeranians, because of the way they behave are what they call “lap dogs”. This term relates to the fact that they are indoor dogs.
They are not prepared to survive the outdoors on their own because they are not hunters and they don’t scavenge. It’s because of that that they rely a lot on their human owners and feel very close to them. They love to be close to them, in their laps most of the time.
They are very loyal and loving, which is why they are very protective of their human families. They may not look tough or able to chase down a burglar, but they will bark and alert their master should anything suspicious arise.
Pomeranians are really active but they do need their time alone. They are very loving with children and very playful, but it comes a time when the noise is just too much, and they just go away. This is normal behavior.

Barking up the wrong tree
The general notion is that small dogs bark too much. This is not a fact. They will bark to alert of danger or to try to communicate, but not more than any other breed will. Proper training can deal with the barking situation with any dog.

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