Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dog Breed facts: Labrador

Well, when you picture yourself living the American dream, you see a house in the suburbs, a beautiful family, a car and wait, what’s that in the yard? Oh yes, it’s a gorgeous Labrador Retriever.
You want a dog to complete your dream scenario and you know that these are the dogs to have. No wonder Labradors have been America’s top choice repeatedly over the past two decades.
You know they are cute, you know they are fun to be around, you’ve seen them at the park; but do you know what makes them great? Here are some fun facts to further your education, I already know you’re getting one no matter what, and I don’t blame you!

A walk down History Lane
Some breeds were particularly developed to be part of hunting activities for bird and water fowl.
The Labrador Retriever is one of these breeds and it traces its origins to Canada around the year 1700. Back then there were only two breeds that were working dogs: the Greater and the Lesser Newfoundland, later to be known as Greater and Lesser St. John’s. They would work hauling wagons full of fish but then would be a preferred company for fishermen. After a while, they were introduced to the rest of the family because they were really playful with children.

Work dogs
When have you seen a Labrador Retriever that you didn’t want to (and actually did!) play with? I would dare to say, never! They have impeccable temperament and are playful and loyal.
Apart from those obvious facts (that I can’t stop telling you about!) a great feature of Labradors is that they are work dogs.
Labrador Retrievers can be trained to guide the visually impaired and help people in wheelchairs.
They are also a great help to the police since they have a keen sense of smell. They have been part of search-and-rescue team for finding missing persons and bodies. They also have been used to detect bombs and illegal drugs.

Body features
You will never ever struggle to bathe your dog. These guys love the water! Don’t worry about them falling on the pool because they are great swimmers.
The reason for this is that they have webbed toes and a tail like an otter’s that serves as a sort of steer.
The webbed toes also help in the snow since they prevent the snow from accumulating between their toes. No matter the weather, you’ll have a happy dog!

A great hair day
Labradors have a short and dense coat that is also water resistant. If you go to the beach with them, they’ll jump in the water and will be dry by the time you get them back into your car. That’s practical!
As far as colors, Labradors come in different shades, beige and chocolate being the main ones. However, there’s a gene that make them have “Silver” hair. This makes a very interesting dog, yet, it is not considered Standard in the breed, and therefore Silver Labs can not be entered in contests or even registered as Labs.  

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