Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dog breed facts: Doberman

So, you’re thinking about getting a dog. You’ve seen Dobermans in movies, working like crazy and helping professions like firefighters and police men. You want a dog that can protect your home but you also want it to be your friend. Or maybe you just want it as a friend? Either way, you’ll find that Dobermans are beautiful dogs, inside-out.
However, a lot of things are said about them that are not true at all. So, if you’re hesitant to whether to get one or not, these facts might be able to help you decide.

What am I getting into?
Dobermans are a breed that still has the characteristics that were sought after when the breed was developed: extreme intelligence and utter loyalty, apart from their obvious fitness. It’s true, your Doberman will own you, not the other way around; but with proper training this can be absolutely managed and you’ll find them to be the best choice for you.

Smart cookie
They are and have been for a long time, working dogs. Both the military and the police have used them because they have great abilities and are very trainable and responsive.
As far as basic obedience, with proper training, the sit, stay and down commands are very easy to establish. To further their education, they can signal when they’re hungry or need to go outside.
There’s a myth that has been going on for years that states that at a particular moment in their lives, the Doberman’s brain gets too big for their skull, at which point they become aggressive even to their masters. This is absolutely not true.

You have to upkeep that body
The Doberman’s great fitness relates to their energy level. They require a lot of exercise since they are very lean and muscular by nature.
If you do not exercise them (with walks and/or games), they will become hyperactive and that will end up with poor behavior on their part. They are very social creatures and they want somebody to play with. This doesn’t mean that they won’t relax with you while you’re watching a movie, but you do have to keep them entertained and exercised. If they get bored often, they will get creative and destructive.
A daily walk can meet their needs and it’s good to give them leash-training. Also, a good game that will get them to exercise their strength is tug-of-war.
Even though they can be quite protective and scary looking to strangers, they are not “big dogs”. They are actually a medium-sized breed and very agile for that matter.
Also, there are no Big and Small Doberman. A lot of people get the Doberman and the Pinscher as too variations. They are not, they share some qualities but they are in fact different breeds.

A friend
One of the characteristics as we mentioned before is their loyalty. They are a man’s best friend for sure. They will be devoted and a great companionship for little in return, though you will be glad to show them your love.
Despite their aggressive appearance, Doberman’s are respectful and careful with children. When a Doberman has bonded with you, you will see no danger in front of them. They fell very protective of their families and space. If they see someone in their house that they don’t know, they will definitely bark loudly to alert their master. This is why they are considered great guardian dogs.

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