Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Do you know which candle you want?

Candles are not just for birthdays wishes and for lighting a romantic dinner. Sure, you look for them when the power went down, but there are many types of candles you may not know about, or notice, but they’re all around and they come in many sizes and shapes.
Candles are more and more used for many things: to decorate spaces, to aromatize those spaces and even as a relaxation technique through what is called aromatherapy. Here’s a list of all the different kinds of candles:

These are commonly known as “dinner candle”. They range from 6 to 16 inches in height. Their particular design implies the need for a candle holder or “candle stick”.

This candle does not necessarily require a holder because it stands on its own. However, wherever they are placed, needs to be a heat resistant surface or holder. Their name suggests a round shape, but they can actually be square, round or even hexagonal. They are thick so they have a diameter of at least 2 inches.

This name comes from the votive holder that these candles use to hold the melted wax. They are cylindrical with a diameter of 1.5 inches and a height of 2 or 2.5 inches.
This particular type of candle were, white and unscented, used in Christian churches for devotion. These days, they come in different colors and scents.

Much like the votive candle, the Luminaria (also known as farolito) is made out of a candle inside a type of lamp shade, sometimes a paperbag weighted with sand to keep it standing alone. You might see them in walkways and driveways symbolizing the Christmas time among New World Hispanics.

These are very simple cylindrical with a 1.5 inch diameter and up to 1.5 inch height. They are poured into a metal or aluminum holder. You can find them scented or unscented.

Also known as container or filled candles, as its name states, the wax is poured into a heat resistant container: glass, ceramic or even metal. These usually come with a strong fragrance.

These are made primarily from gelled mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons. The container will help maintain and form the shape. They usually have pieces of wax within them for decorative purposes. Similar to a pillar candle, gel ones stand alone.

The name is self-explanatory. Although there are many types of birthday candles: numbers, letter, thinner or thicker ones, some of them make sparks!

Also known as speciality candles. These are made to resemble a real object. They are made through different techniques, either using moldes, or sculpting them. 

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