Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Different roses and their meanings

You might think that roses are only meant to be given at valentine’s and anniversaries. However, these beautiful flowers have a range of colors and along with that comes a whole range of meanings as well. Giving and sending roses is no longer only reserved for these romantic occasions!.
Did you know that the latin sub-rosa means “under the rose” and therefore meaning secret? Be ready to communicate with no words. Find out what the different colors mean and send your own message!

Loving red
It’s the most popular one so that’s why it’s at the top of our list. This color represents enduring and lasting passion and the respectful spirit of love.
However, a deep red can mean courage and congratulations.

Innocent white
The white rose is also widely known and used for its delicacy; however, not everybody knows what it stands for. It is known as the bridal rose because it associates with young love. It stands for the truth and loyalty. You send white roses when you want to say “I’m worthy”.

Enchanting Lilac
A lilac or purple rose means a more cautious approach. It means enchantment and love at first sight, but without the more strong coming nature of a red rose.

Friendly yellow
This color is sometimes related to bad things such as jealously, like in Victorian times. However, today represents care, joy and friendship. It’s a warm and affectionate message.
Though a yellow rose with red tips means “I’m falling inlove”, so choose carefully!

Vibrant orange
It’s a loud color and what it says is also loud. It represents enthusiasm and desire. You admire and are attracted to someone (not necessarily in a romantic way!) and this color will convey passion and excitement.

Feminine pink
The color pink is related to everything girlie and feminine. It’s elegance and refinement. However, depending on the hue of the pink, a different message will be sent: a pale pink is something gentle, admiring and happy; while a deeper and darker pink conveys appreciation and gratitude.

Blue sky
Like the sky above, a blue rose carries within the “unattainable and impossible” message.

Multicolor and shape message
Mixing and matching colors of roses will give you a wide range of messages. It’s good if you don’t want to tide it with just one meaning and look for a larger approach.
Also, color is not the only communication element. If you choose a bouquet the message will be different than just one flower. Full bloom or rosebuds? Thorn or thornless? How many?

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