Thursday, November 15, 2012

Card collecting for beginners

Ever since you were a little kid, the notion of mystery that lies upon opening a brand new package of cards is absolutely thrilling. And it does not get any less exciting as the years go by.

Sure, what’s different now is that you can afford to buy them more regularly as opposed to just maybe once a week with your allowance. You are now an adult and this hobby that you’ve inadvertently had for years, can begin to be profitable.
The problem is, once one of your cards suddenly becomes valuable, or you find a buyer for a card you have, it may be hell to locate it. What you need is to have a proper storage system.
Got it, need it.
You open a brand new package and you have no idea what’s inside. It’s a gamble, every time. Are you one of those that after a got-it-need-it routine, simply tosses away the cards they already have? If you are, you shouldn’t! Having extra cards can mean that you have leverage for potential trades. Collecting is not only about the buying, is also about switching items with other collectors.
Keeping them safe
A perfectly normal first instinct is to just throw your cards in a shoe box, and while that may be a solution, it’s only good temporarily. Soon enough, the weight of the cards on top of each other will ruin and bend them, making them less valuable.
A way of arranging them is to figure out what they mean to you.

  • ·         General: this category would gather all less valuable cards.
  • ·         Special: these are your personal favorites.
  • ·         Valuable: these have monetary value.
  • ·         Untouchable: these still have the packaging intact.
Once you know which ones are most valuable (both monetary and to you), you can start storing them accordingly.

  • You can use cardboard boxes (show boxes maybe) to store them, as long as you place them vertically as opposed to stacking them on top of each other. Also, if you put the cards on a row and that row does not reach the other end of the box, make sure to block them so they don’t fall. This could damage and bend them as well.
You can also use photo albums to place them, though this will most likely be mucho more expensive, and maybe not an expense you want to make on just general cards.

  • For your special, valuable and untouchable cards, there’s a variety of storage styles. You have to take into account that the most important thing about these cards is that you want to show them off. You want to look at them yourself and to be able to reach them fast to show them around.
This is a case where photo albums would be handy. Another way to do (if you have many cards) it is to place each in a plastic sleeve and keep them in a box like the general cards.

  • For very special cards, you can purchase plastic see-through cases that are held together with screws. This is a more permanent display.

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