Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boat facts

People that like the outdoors, the water and boats, will always love those things regardless of facts. But it can’t hurt to know, right? Besides, it will give you great conversation topics in dinner parties.

I bet you didn’t know that…

  • Between 1995 and 1996 close to 1.3 million boats were sold adding up to a total of 10 billion dollars.

  • The US has close to 51 acres of lakes; over 630,000 miles of rivers and 88,000 miles of coastal shoreline. And more than half of the people in the US live around 50 miles of a coastline.

  • ·The highest number of boaters lies in Michigan. California and Minnesota follow those numbers.

  • In 2003 there was a survey that proved that the amount of registered boats in the US were over 12 million, increasing %50 over the past 20 years. Along those numbers, there are also 8 million boats that are currently unregistered.

  • · Over 400 of the boating accidental deaths could have been avoided with the simple use of life jackets. 28 US states have mandatory safety instructions for renting watercrafts; and 39 states have regulations for mandatory life jackets for children.

  • 84% of watercraft operators have received no formal instruction. And 20% of all boaters have ever taken a class on safety.

  • Over 71 million people were part of recreational boating activities during 2002 in the US.

  • There are over 1,400 boats for every marine officer in the US.

  • 27% of registered boats are 19 feet and larger. 54% are 16 feet and less. Runabouts and Jon boats joined gather 60% of the recreational watercrafts.

  • Over $330 million dollars are spent a year to maintain boats.

  • 73% of boating activity is done on freshwater from a lake or a reservoir of sorts. Along those numbers, 60% uses their boat for fishing, 50% uses it for day cruising, 25% go swimming, and 25% use it for waterskiing.

  • At an average of 5 hours per trip, the survey shows that a boater spends 17 days a year on a recreational boating activity.

  • One in four of American households went boating at least once in a given 1997. Out of those there were 37% of college graduates. 47% had a annual income of over $50,000. 93% were happy with the trip.

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