Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being green with your auto-parts

Recycling auto parts is a way to save money and to be environmentally responsible. Whether because you need to replace a part and are searching for it, or because you want to sell or reuse a part that you already have, here are some things to consider:

·         Whether if you looking for parts or selling them, check for classifieds websites because you will find plenty offers. This will give you an idea of how much the parts are selling for and which areas have the most offers.

·         Your car may have a busted motor because you weren’t careful enough with maintenance. Maybe a car crash made it impossible for it to recover from an structure point of view and you thought it was all lost, but no! The rest of the car can be sold in parts.

·         Yunk yards are a great source for auto parts. Just because the car has been tossed it doesn’t mean that plenty of its parts aren’t perfectly functional. It may just mean that the previous owner didn’t have the time or wasn’t willing to make the profit of selling the different parts.

·         When you think of auto-parts you probably think of tail lights and batteries, but there’s so much more! Seat belts, tires, hoses, radiators, transmissions, oil filters.

·         When you get rid of your (if ruined) car you just drive it to a junk yard and that’s it, but you forget certain items that can also be appreciated for recycling and re-use. Baby car seats, car coverts, floor mats can be recycled and/or sold.
·         If you need to purchase new parts for your car, try to make the conscious decision to buy something green that comes from another car or that can later be recycled. Auto-parts that are made of metal, rubber or plastic can later be put into good use.

·         Another good use for spare parts is to donate them to good will. People that need to buy at these stores are not necessarily homeless. The can have cars and homes, they just may be going through a rough patch. Donating car seats or mats can go a long way.

·         Helping the industry that’s making environmental efforts is a good way to contribute. Ford has been exploring greener alternatives for a long time, in part because it’s what customers have been asking for. From upholstery to the actual structure, they’ve been using green materials (PET bottles, corn fabric and soy foam) to manufacture lighter and fuel-efficient automobiles.

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