Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Advantages of Small Farm Utility Vehicles

Have you heard of small farm utility vehicles? They’re also known as “utes” and they are all-terrain cargo vehicles and they are increasingly popular among family farmers, ranchers and many others.

What are they used for?
Utes can perform a variety of actions such as plowing snow, mow grass, dump dirt, tow, maintain ground, level it, lift pallets and so much more. It will depend on the attachments that you choose to add and the uses that you intend for it.
Farmers use them when their tractors turn out to be too big and slow for certain activities; when pick-ups are too big for getting in and out of very tight places; when their regular ATVs can’t carry as many things. They work well on all surfaces and they have the versatility to handle various applications.
Every day they are more and more used by fire crews, parks services and search and rescue teams. Utes provide an answer to many things and are like a “Swiss Army Knife” or vehicles.

The perks
It will depend on the particular make, model and option but utes have the versatility of a small tractor, it’s maneuverable like any all-terrain and is as useful as a jeep.
They are not all work, they are also used in play time. Some 6 wheel models are articulated in the middle and they can jiggle and bend around trees; they can go places where you wouldn’t have ventured before without the help of a mule maybe.
If they have the proper tools, they can be driven legally on the streets. Just make sure you add the needed regulations such as blinkers.
They are very driver-friendly because they are very comfortable from their independent suspension and rack and pinion steering.

Different engines: advantages/disadvantages
It will depend on what you’re going to use your vehicle for, but here are the different engines that utes can have:
·         Gas: It’s more convenient in the sense that gasoline is very available (though not that affordable) and these engines are easier to repair. They require oil changes and maintenance that can be done by you with no need for a trip to the mechanic. They’re quieter than a diesel.
·         Diesel: Buying a vehicle with a diesel motor can be more expensive to get and repair, but that is if it actually breaks down. These engines are very reliable and dependable. They are definitely louder than a gas engine but they have more pulling and load and carrying capacity.
·         Electric: Other than the great fact that they are the green choice for their zero emissions, these are the quietest ones so they’re very good for places where silence is well appreciated: golf courses, vineyards, at-dawn activities and semi-rural areas. If they are well maintained and well charged, they can run for a full day.

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