Thursday, November 15, 2012

A first glance into the RV world

If you’re reading this article I already know some things about you. You like RVs but don’t really know much about them. You like to travel and you’d like to explore the advantages of having a home on the road. You don’t like constrictions often related to extensive planning of a trip. Or maybe I’m wrong and I don’t know you at all! Anyway, there’s so much to learn about RVs, here’s just a small glance.

What’s an RV?
The acronym stands for Recreational Vehicle. Let’s just agree that saying RV is much better. An RV is the perfect combination of living quarters (mostly temporary) and transportation and travelling. Among RVs there are two categories:
These have a motor of their own. There are three types: A (the largest kind), B (campers and smallest ones) and C (somewhere between the first two).
Like their name states, they need to be towed by a vehicle, generally, the family car. Different towables are: expandable trailers, folding camping trailers, conventional travel trailers, truck campers, among others.
Who buys an RV? Can I afford one?
These vehicles can range from $5,000 to $22,000 for folding camping trailers. Conventional travel trailers can range from $43,000 up to $200,000. Truck campers can go from $8,000 to $95,000. Basicly you can fit it to your budget depending on what you will use it for.
According to research done by the University of Michigan, close to 9 million households own an RV. There’s a profile for the RV owner: a 48 year-old married person with a $65,000 annual income. It belongs to the baby boomers generation mostly. Although, a lot of younger people are starting to get RVs. The age span goes in average from age 35 to 65; and among those, the strongest group is between 35 and 50.

Why an RV?
Because it allows you to act with flexibility and convenience. You can always jump aboard your RV with minimum or no preparation. Just travel around with no need to book hotels. Sometimes you just feel like taking an impromptu trip just for the weekend. An RV is perfect for that impulse.
Because it lets you travel comfortably. You are traveling with a full bath and kitchen right there in your transportation. And if you accessorize well, it will be a really comfortable and entertaining space.
Because it’s family friendly. There’s no easier way to spend time with your family in a vacation situation. The togetherness that an RV entails, rebuilds and strengthens communication between family members. Sure, the kids might fight at the beginning, but rest assure that soon enough they’ll be best friends and won’t stop playing card and board games!
Because it’s budget friendly. Even owning an RV and all that entails, vacationing like this can mean up to %55 of fewer spending as opposed to a “regular vacation”.

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