Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why buying sports equipment online is the way to go

You decided that is time to start exercising. You’ve promised this to yourself several times over the last few weeks, months…years? And now that you found your wind to do it, you can’t decide whether to do it online or go to the actual store.
We think that buying online is the way to go for many reasons. Maybe you are not used to it yet, but once you realize the advantages you’ll buy everything you can online.

A store has a limited stock available at the one time.
When you buy online, even though they do handle stock as well, they have more ways of finding the equipment and shipping it to you at once. Say you go to an actual store. You drive all the way there, to talk to a real person (sometimes that’s all that someone is looking to find as an advantage, and we get it!) but it turns out that the precise equipment that you were looking for is out of stock. They can order it, sure, but sometimes that whole process takes much more time. They need to have it shipped to the actual store to process it for stock and then send it to you. You thought that going to the store would guarantee that you would walk out of there with something in your hands. That’s may not always be the case.

Narrowing the search
As far as sports equipment goes, there’s so much to choose from. Say you walk into a huge mega-store, it can be overwhelming, right? You first need to find the right section, and once you’re there, even in your category of sports, you can’t really decide. Forget even about having someone trying to help you!
Shopping online lets you narrow your search according to price range, type of product, brands, features, you name it!

Comparing products
You have to do your research first and know what you need. Once you know that, a website will let you easily compare the products. You may prioritize brands, prices, sizes, guarantees. You will be more able to find what’s right for you.

Real stories from real people
Sure, a salesperson can tell you what they know about the product, they may have even used it themselves. But have they used every brand? Every type? A common practice in online shopping (and a great feature) is customer’s reviews. Most sites will ask customers to write a review, rank the product according to their experience with it. Most users will do it out of habit from buying online. If you found that the reviews helped you in your choice, you might as well give a little back. It’s sort of a way to help each other out.

I want to know all about it!
A salesperson can be quite knowledgeable, and it may make you feel more comfortable. However, there’s only so much that they can learn about each product, right? Online sites give you the full information, because it’s nobody’s job to memorize anything, it’s only up to you to read it to further know about the product you’re looking for.

We’re big on buying online and think that those reasons are more than enough to not even get the car out of the garage. It’s much better to buy from home than to pay for gas money since you’re already paying for the internet bill!

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