Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tips for buying autoparts

Ever get the notion that when you take your car to get fixed you get charged so much more than what you were expecting? Well, you might be. It doesn’t mean that someone is ripping you off, it just means that there’s a middle man that can be removed.
If you have the time or maybe just need to save some money (let’s face it, in this economy, is almost a necessity!) you should buy the part on your own. And maybe, before bringing it to a professional, you might want to venture and install it yourself.

What do I need?
There’s something wrong with your car, but you may not know exactly what that is. Take it to a professional and have them diagnose the problem along with a quote (including the part they will need). Then, before agreeing to it, look for yourself to see if you can find the part for a lower price. Chances are that where you end up buying the part is where your mechanic will go as well. So, why pay extra? You might even learn something while you’re buying the piece.
Make sure that you provide the company all the information that they need, sometimes make, model and year, along with the name of the part, are not enough. You may need to provide engine size, the manufacturer’s part number, the production date, among others. This way you’ll know for sure that you’re not wasting any money buying the wrong part.

Comparing facts
There are obvious things to compare such as price. You have to look for the best price for you. However, there are things that may not go through your head when shopping for auto parts.
  • ·         Shipping: some companies will only ship after a minimal amount of money is spent. Find out if they would cover the expenses if the part is defective and they need to replace it by sending it back. How long will it take for the part to arrive? Do you have to sing for it?
  • ·      Warranty: There are things to consider if you are thinking of installing the part yourself. Some companies will give you a guide and steps to do it properly. If you don’t follow these guidelines, you will most definitely void the warranty.
  • ·    Customer assistance: even if you find the best price, if the company does not have a good customer service, you should better go to the next one, especially if you’re planning on doing the whole thing yourself. You want and need to be able to ask a person about any doubts during the process.

Buying online
Some people like to go to an actual store and feel more comfortable. However, buying online will give you much more options to choose from. In that case, there are things that you should check:
  • ·         Reputation: If you’re used to buying online, you know that every site has a ranking. If it’s a high ranking, this pretty much assures you that you can trust them. Another way of checking for their reputation is to read reviews, either in the site through the customers; or look in different websites to see if you can find them in list of recommended places to buy your auto parts.
  • ·         Protection: It’s difficult to trust enough to put in your credit card information, we know. But, usually sites have ways of assuring you that there’s no funny business. See what they offer to keep you safe.

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