Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Technology is Your Friend: Selling Real Estate Online

In the previous world of real estate sales, you would set up an open house and then cover the local neighborhood and area in fliers, send out postcards and advertise with all your family members and friends.

If a potential homebuyer didn’t visit the area or have contact with someone in the know, they wouldn’t have any idea you were selling your home.

Boy, has the world changed!

It’s now possible to sell your home to someone in another country, let alone another city.

Real estate agents use every opportunity to advertise various properties, and many of them are Internet-based. This gives you as a seller many more chances to make a profit on the house and avoid a short sale.

So what are some key factors of an online real estate listing?

Pictures are Great Tools

Obviously, you need to give potential buyers an idea of what they’re going to get. This means you need to have pictures of every room, including as much natural light as possible.

Keep in mind that the angle of the picture should let them see as many corners as possible. If a real estate agent does this for you, they already have a lot of experience taking real estate photos and will do a great job.

It’s not all about the interior either. The landscaping and the front and back yards are also big attractions. Families need to know how much space their children will have to play and how much privacy they are going to have.

Choosing the Right Price Range

In terms of pricing your home, make note of the neighboring properties and how much they are selling for at the time. This will help you figure out a number that lets you pay off your loan and still make a profit at the same time.

Of course, you don’t want to price yourself out of the market by being too expensive or scare buyers away because your price is too low.

All of these aspects can be discussed with a professional real estate agent for help as well. They can let you know where you stand in the market and what you can legitimately expect from the sale of your home. Comparison shopping on the Internet will also give you a lot of these answers, and they’ll be specific to your region.

Shopping Convenience of Potential Homebuyers

So, if you’re using the Internet to compare prices for selling your home, don’t you think future homebuyers are doing the same thing?

It’s much easier for them to look at pictures, read through neighborhood statistics and check out house prices from the comfort of their office than it would be to drive to all these locations.

The only time they are actually going to visit a property is when they are definitely interested in making an offer or checking it out in detail. If you’re not using the Internet for a house sale, you’re missing a huge audience.

The only way to be profitable in today’s real estate market is to use the Internet with ads and listings. Don’t be afraid of technology either.

It’s easy to figure out, and there are plenty of information resources at your fingertips. Find out how to sell your home in the quickest way possible today! 

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