Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Memorabilia collecting facts

We know some things about you. You are a sports fan. You love sports. You like some sports more than others but you respect all sports. You appreciate “the good old days” but you stay current with every new player that comes along. It’d be safe to assume, now, that you also like collecting everything that is related to the sport you follow the most. Here are some things to think about regarding your sports memorabilia activity:

Which one is worth the most?
Even the oldest and most avid sports memorabilia collectors won’t be able to answer that question about their own collection! There are those items that are worth a lot of money right now because they’re from players that are very famous, or from very successful particular seasons. But even that does not answer your question because emerging players can become famous overnight; and the things you were considering buying before but didn’t (an autographed t-shirt or baseball, uniforms, etc), because the player wasn’t “successful enough”, can now cost twice as much. So, keep an eye on those players with the most potential that may not be appreciated at this point. 

Hidden treasures
If you started your collection or are planning on starting now, you can probably think of a lot of places where to buy memorabilia that will be valuable in a few years. How about finding pieces that already have a lot of value but may be overlooked? You can browse around every state or auction sale available. The family members may not even care about those things and may not even know the correct worth of the piece. Every kind of sale for that matter, yard, sidewalk, garage sales even. But auction and state sales will most definitely guarantee that the piece was kept in mint conditions.

Dealers will pay attention to you
It’s always recommended to deal with reputable dealers that you can trust. If you build yourself as a known collector and deal with them in a regular basis, they will keep an eye on you and your collections and will most definitely reach you with potential clients.

Is it a hobby or is it an investment?
If you collect as a hobby, you may find difficult to part with some particular memorabilia that may hold emotional meaning to you. However, if you are looking to make profits and expand your collection as well as your gains, you need to let go of a few pieces and get new ones in order to keep the flow going and still appear as an active collector. The best way to do this for it to be easier for you to part with them is maintaining a mix between the items that you buy that are special to you, and the ones you buy because you see potential. That will keep the cycle going and you can make more rational decisions with your own items.

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