Tuesday, October 23, 2012

How much do you know yourself to buy a car?

We know that the way of picking the car for you doesn’t always respond to logics. Sometimes is more a matter of style, a hunch, a whim; and sometimes you pick a car taking into account every aspect of your life. Do you need practicality? Do you need speed and performance? Do you need a lot of room? Are you a loner? Do you want to save on gas?
We respect the impulse, we do! But if you’re in the rational-choice kind of user, here’s a list of different type of cars that will answer your questions when it’s time to change your ride. The choices rank according to the amount of doors and size.

COUPE/CONVERTIBLE: It sure is a stylish choice. This is the car you see in movies and want for yourself.  This car, however, has only two doors and it tends to be more expensive.

SEDAN: What this car might lack in style (though you can find very beautiful Sedans) it makes up in comfort. Two more doors come in handy when the family grows. Kids enjoy climbing up the seat, but then again, you are the one that has to take them out when they are fast asleep!

HATCHBACKS: The fifth door serves as a trunk but also as a much bigger space for storage or transportation of say, the four legged member of the family, your dog!
It’s the way to go if you need something bigger but don’t want to deal with the environmental issues of an SUV.

STATION WAGON: Sure, it might not be the best-looking of cars, but often times they result better than SUVs in size and performance.

SUV/CROSSOVER: It rises higher than the rest of the cars, which helps as it increases your visibility and it’s also better because the sitting is in a more natural height. You might find it especially useful if you tow often. The only negative side of this kind of car is that is has a low mileage per gallon.

MINIVAN: If you have a big family, a band, or maybe a family that is a band you need a minivan. It fits comfortably up to seven or eight passengers.

You have plenty to choose from, so have these in mind when it’s time to change your ride.

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