Thursday, June 7, 2012

Scams to avoid on iNetGiant.

At iNetGiant, your goal is for you to be safe whenever you are doing business online. We have built safety procedures and checks into our site, but that does not mean that the occasional scammer will not get through. To protect yourself from being taken advantage of, you need to learn how to spot and avoid common online scams.

Vehicle Scams

If you are shopping for a vehicle, make sure you see it before you buy it, no matter how good of a deal it sounds like or how nice the pictures are. If you are not allowed to see the item in person before sending money, then avoid the purchase. Also, watch for “deals” that seem too good to be true. The “seller” may not have a vehicle at all, and may ask for money upfront, only to disappear without delivering the vehicle. Do not be swayed by fancy logos, as these are easy to copy or create.

Email Scams

Sometimes, scammers will try to work their program through email. Email scams typically have a logo or appear to be legitimately from a company, even iNetGiant. They will have a link in them that appears to be to your account, yet when you click on the link your information is harvested by identity thieves. Keep in mind that these email scams tend to create a sense of urgency, such as by saying your account will be closed or you will lose your item.

You can protect yourself by not clicking on any links that appear to be from us or one of our sellers. Rather, type our web address into the address bar and see if the information is valid directly on our site. Perform your transactions in person at a local meeting place.

Electronics Scams

If someone is posting brand new electronics for a deeply discounted price, do not bite. These items could be stolen, or the seller could be using stock photos to advertise something he does not actually have. This is particularly true if all business will be done over chat or via email.

Job Scams

If you are applying for a job and the “interviewer” wants you to send money upfront or wants you to cash a check for them that is not your paycheck, be careful. This might be a scam. By cashing the check, which may end up bouncing, you could lose thousands. Also, you could be sucked into a pyramid scheme type investment program, which is illegal.

Pet Scams

Like the other scams, scams involving pets often involve having the animal shipped or delivered. You pay, then they never send the animal. Always arrange to meet with the seller, and try to do so locally. Also, be cautious about sellers who are offering rare or normally expensive pets for a cheap price. The animal may be unhealthy or it may be a scam.

Rental Scams

Advertisements offering a venue or home for rent can be scams. People will often take pictures of homes, place them on classifieds site, accept a rental deposit and then disappear. Usually, these will have cheap prices. The scammer will offer to send the keys after you send the deposit, but he keys will never arrive.

Similarly, renters can try to scam those offering properties for rent. These people often claim they are living overseas and offer to send a rent and deposit check, then ask for the money back as soon as you have deposited the check. The check will bounce, but if you have sent the money back, you will have no recourse to get your funds.

Buyer Scams

Sellers are not the only ones who can try to scam people. “Buyers” may offer to buy your item and then send a check for more than the amount, asking you to send the difference to someone. If you do this, the check will bounce and the “buyer” will have the excess funds directly from your bank account. These buyers will often ask to have the item shipped, usually to an overseas address.

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