Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Implications of Twitter Adding In-Stream Ads

As announced a couple days ago, Twitter announced that they were going to add in-stream ads. Now, this in and of itself isn't anything new, as the company has been talking about it for awhile now, but the kind of changes this could make, especially for businesses, is huge. Companies (like us) like Twitter because it's an easy way to keep casual contact with our customers and personalize interactions. But Twitter is also for invaluable for spreading news and building a brand; Twitter is an extremely efficient way to spread any important tidbits or build up hype around a product or service.

The way Twitter is implementing these ads is a little different from traditional advertising in that you will only see in-stream ads from companies you already follow. How is this different from just reading a company's tweets? It'll be an "Promoted Tweet," presumable visually differentiated. It's a great way for Twitter to monetize, for users to receive tailored ads, and for companies to reach out in a new way.

The real question will be, of course, how the users react-- don't forget companies are users too! (Find us at @inetgiant.) I can say that I wouldn't mind in-stream promoted tweets as long as they follow the regular flow of tweets; however, like the "Quick Bar" in the Twitter mobile app, if they decide to sticky the tweets to the top, forget it. I'd rather have the normal side bar banner ads than something that interrupts my tweet browsing. Thoughts?

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