Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Steps to Make Sure Your Item Sells!

1. Post on iNetGiant! ( A basic listing is free, and well worth your time because it means lots of people will see your ad. As you post, add enough information and at least one photo so that a potential buyer feels comfortable. The more information on the item, the backstory, and the condition will help a potential buyer decide that you're safe to buy from and that they are getting their money's worth.

2. Increase your ad's exposure! That means posting links to your ad on facebook, twitter, forums, or anywhere that someone who is interested might come upon it. You can also send out an email to your friends and family in case they know anybody who might be interested. You can also choose to feature or upgrade your ad so that your ad is seen by thousands and thousands more people every day.

3. Keep promptly in contact with any potential buyers. If they have any questions, answer them right away. Offer to send more photos. By keeping the lines of communication open, you make it easier for a potential buyer to contact you with their decision to buy. Buyers are often looking in several places at once, so the sooner you get back to people, the better.

4. Make sure that the transaction is handled safely, whether it is in person or online. Always have the money in hand (or virtually "in-hand") before handing over or shipping an item. Make sure you have their information in case there are any concerns later.

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