Tuesday, August 30, 2011

iNetGiant Rolls Out New Ad Upgrades

Here at iNetGiant, you may have already seen the new ad upgrade page that we've recently rolled out! As before, our ad upgrades have always included appearing on the iNetGiant homepage, and at the top of your category listings, but one of the big big changes here on iNetGiant is the new facebook ad upgrade.

The Facebook ad upgrade allows you to show your ad to a targeted audience of facebook users. Basically, your ad is seen by thousands of people who are interested in your specific listing, whether that's cars, real estate, dolls, or whatever. This dramatically increases the likelihood that someone who is interested in your listing will respond. The best part is that you don't need to disclose any your own facebook information; you don't actually need a facebook account at all. This is advertising on facebook, not posting on your facebook (although that is a great way to drum up interest too).

This 3-in-1 upgrade package is really a great deal! It's best for advertising services, large ticket items, high-interest or specific-interest items, real estate, and other types of listings that benefit from seeing many, many eyes. At $10 for 7 days ($15/14 days, $20/30 days), it's a very cost-effective method of advertising that beats listing on the radio, tv, or newspaper.

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