Thursday, February 3, 2011

Professional, Local, Fast - iPhone Repair At It's Best

Like many electronics, Apple's iPhone faces the risk of glitches and damage. The iPhone is especially sensitive and needs intricate care and skill to be repaired properly. It's important to choose  reliable, professional service and Zeetron offers just that.

Zeetron is an online iPhone repair service company, they work with certified technicians that guarantee the best possible results for your iPhone repair. Zeetron provide's the cheapest, most professional replacement service available on the internet.

Furthermore, they offer the fastest turnaround time. The same day your  iPhone is fixed, it's on the way back to you for free via FedEx Second Day Air.

Zeetron offers repair service for the 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4.

Some of their top selling services include:

- iPhone 3G Digitizer Glass Screen Replacement for $69.99

-  iPhone 3GS Digitizer Glass Screen Replacement  for $69.99.

- iPhone 3G LCD Screen Replacement  for $74.89.

-iPhone 4 Color Swap, Black to White for $249.99.

- iPhone 3GS LCD Screen Replacement  for $74.89.

Zeetron provides customer support seven days a week. Your product is covered by a 90 day warranty in case there are issues with the repair.

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"...Is That a White iPhone 4?"

"I've gotten at least 17 questions asking  "Is that a white iPhone 4??", within the first day of having it.  Trust me it's totally worth it." - Review from

Zeetron is an online iPhone repair service company that  started a new trend, the iPhone 4 color swap. This service takes a typical black iPhone and switches the entire case to white. People want originality and distinction, Zeetron gives them just that.

Since the iPhone 4 has been released, Zeetron was the first to provide the option of converting the case color from black to white.

Their professional service offers a full iPhone 4 color swap for $249.00. You simply send your phone with an order number, they receive it, fix it and send it out the same day. Zeetron is loyal to their 24 hour turnaround and free overnight FedEx delivery promise.

If you choose the option to perform the swap yourself  Zeetron offers a DIY (do it yourself) kit for $149.99. The kit includes an iPhone 4 front panel and back cover, the iPhone 4 home button, speaker mesh, flash diffuser, screen protector, tool kit and microfiber cloth.

Zeetron is featured on Youtube and has free do-it-yourself instruction videos.

Part 1 instruction video.

Part 2 instruction video.

In addition, you can pre-order the black to blue and black to red color swap kits/service before it' released.

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