Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top-Selling Holiday Gifts of the Decade

Thanks to a recent list comprised by Esquire magazine we can take a glance at the most popular, holiday frenzied and store-stampede worthy gifts over the past 10 years.

2010 - The Apple Ipad

What else will you get your loved one this year? A candle set?  Not likely.
You can pretty much do anything with this electronic wonder.  From music, movies, 3-G web browsing and more. Unfortunately you might waste all your time playing Angry Birds.

2009- Barnes & Nobel E-book Reader

Is there a need for libraries anymore?  This reading device allows you to obtain the knowledge of any book you desire at the touch of a button. Mark Twain would have been proud.

2008-  Apple Itouch (Ipod Touch 4th Generation)

This was the first internet accessible touch screen Ipod Apple had introduced. In addition; a fraction of what the Iphone cost, enabling it with wings to fly off the shelves.

2006- Sony's Play Station 3

Buying  in on Ebay for twice the price or camping outside the store, either way your mother had better bought this console for you or there would be serious problems.

2005- Microsoft X Box 360

World wide Halo tournaments, the end.

2004- WowWee's Robosapiens

This robotic toy was made to perform dance moves and 67 other programmed actions to keep little tots, sometimes the big one's entertained for 20 minutes.

2002-2003- Hasbro's Beyblades

A hit Japanese cartoon+custom "fighting" spin tops = world domination.

2001- MGA Entertainment's  Bratz Dolls

What seems like the next generation of Barbie was generating billions when it was released to the market.  These preteen-y dolls caused quite the stir. Critics deemed them as inappropriate and a bad influence on young girls. In addition, makers of Barbie  filed a 1.8 billion dollars lawsuit for copy right infringement.

2000- Razor USA's Razor Scooter

A great method of transportation. These awesome little scooters came in a variety of colors, and every kid on the block owned one. Razor even won the "Toy of the Year" award.

From scooters to tablet computers, we've come a long way.

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