Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tips for Surviving Real Estate During the Holidays

Many people assume the holiday season is not an ideal time to sell or buy a home. People are busy buying gifts, going on vacation, spending time with family, ect. It is true, this is a slow time for real estate. But on the contrary, there many useful opportunities available to engage in real estate during the holiday rush. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years included. Here are a few tips for selling your home during this unlikely time, and some things to avoid.

DO: Potential buyers are aware there is less competition during this time and are more willing to go house hunting.

DON''T: What ever you do, don't seem desperate. Buyers will take advantage and offer a lower price than your listing. Stick to your guns, your home is worth the price no matter what time of the year it is. Find a good real estate agency to help you out.

DO: The cold weather gives you an opportunity to make your home warm and cozy, appealing to the buyer. Make your home as inviting as possible, show off your cozy- house decorating skills.

DON'T: Over decorating your home will turn people off. The flashing, singing Christmas lights, Santa on the roof and the shedding Christmas tree in your living room is overwhelming. Also, it will crowd your room and distract buyers. So just leave the decorations low-key. Maybe a few stockings here and there and some cookies for Santa.

DO: You'll be busy during this time but make sure to make appointments for showings. The upside is; since the season is slow. You won't have as many prospectives, leaving your schedule with little disruption. Those who do take time to look at  your home are serious buyers.

DON'T: Don't cancel and reschedule on and off with buyers.Choose a day and time to make an appointment that you will be sure to keep. Buyers will not want to conduct business if you seem unreliable or inconsistent.

It will be a challenge, but just remember, January is right around the corner.

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