Thursday, December 2, 2010

Five Easy Tips for a Successful Interview

1. Research.

As much as we all hate doing homework it’s actually very important to do some research on the company you are interviewing for. Apart from the obvious reasons (like what the company actually does), it will basically tell you what the company is looking for so you can say the right things (you’ll be cheating a little). For example you can look through the company’s policies, beliefs and overall work ethic...which can be easily found online.

2. Confidence

Confidence is very important, your employer will sense it as you’re walking through the door, perhaps even over the phone if they’ve been in the business long enough. It’s in your walk, your hand shake, your posture. Make sure you’re on point in all three categories. Enter with your head high, get a good grip on that hand (but don’t shake for too long, it’s awkward) and don’t slouch.

3. "This Job is Mine!"

Think positive. Leave only two options in your mind, option 1. “I will get this job”, option 2. “I will get this job”.

4. Practice makes Perfect?

It’s smart to plan your answers to typical interview questions but be careful not to sound like a generic robot. Think of a twist to the typical “What are your strengths and weaknesses ?” question. Instead of “Time management is my strength because I get all my tasks done on time but it’s also my weakness because I’m over organized and not fun and outgoing as I normally am”, unfortunately, no one has good time management anymore, especially with Facebook around. Maybe something like, I can multitask successfully while playing ‘Farmville’ and chatting with fifteen people. Just kidding... don’t say that, but definitely have something original and realistic prepared.

5. Dress to Impress.

Another person’s perception/ first impression of you is almost always based on how you look.

Men: Wear your best suit, get a haircut, shave and don’t forget to shower (you never know). Avoid bright colored ties or socks.
Ladies: Business attire is a must, a pencil skirt and fitted blazer will do the trick. Don’t wear too much jewelery, or too much makeup for that matter.

Now that you have the outfit, the walk, the talk, you’re ready for an interview and InetGiant has hundreds of job listings in your area!

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