Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Most Expensive iPhone in the World

British designer Stuart Hughes, maker of lavish, over the top gadgets has out done himself with an incredible iPhone 4 design. This is the worlds most expensive iPhone, on sale for 8 million dollars. It has a rose gold casting with 500 inlaid diamonds and the navigation button is set with a 7.4 carat pink diamond. Stuart Hughes is also responsible for designing  24 karat solid gold iPads, diamond encrusted Blackberrys and platinum laptops.

Ok, lets face it, these things aren't even going on our imaginary wish list, but hey, we can all dream.

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Call of Duty:Black Ops Surpasses Records Far Beyond Expectation

If your boy friend has recently purchased the newest edition to the Call of Duty franchise "Black Ops", be prepared to end your relationship now. He won't be seeing you, or the light of day for quite some time.

The seventh edition to the Call of Duty franchise has surpassed predicted sales of any other video game, so far. It has earned 1 billion dollars in sales since it's November 9th release, just 42 days ago. It set the record for biggest launch, best opening week and fastest selling video game in history, beating the previous installment "Modern Warfare 2". The first day of sales Black Ops earned 360 million dollars in the U.S and UK. Black Ops beat out the opening of Avatar or any other movie for that matter, combined, including Titanic.  Activision, the company which created the game was surprised at it's untouchable success.

"Even more remarkable than the number of units sold is the number of hours people are playing the game together online which are unprecedented", says Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing.

Call Of Duty is a competitive, interactive game. It mostly takes place during the World War II era, with the exception of Modern Warfare I and II which are set in modern times. Call of Duty Black Ops is set during the Cold War. Black Ops is rated M for Mature, for blood, gore, intense violence and language. It's available for a variety of consoles including X box 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS and personal computers.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tips for Surviving Real Estate During the Holidays

Many people assume the holiday season is not an ideal time to sell or buy a home. People are busy buying gifts, going on vacation, spending time with family, ect. It is true, this is a slow time for real estate. But on the contrary, there many useful opportunities available to engage in real estate during the holiday rush. Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years included. Here are a few tips for selling your home during this unlikely time, and some things to avoid.

DO: Potential buyers are aware there is less competition during this time and are more willing to go house hunting.

DON''T: What ever you do, don't seem desperate. Buyers will take advantage and offer a lower price than your listing. Stick to your guns, your home is worth the price no matter what time of the year it is. Find a good real estate agency to help you out.

DO: The cold weather gives you an opportunity to make your home warm and cozy, appealing to the buyer. Make your home as inviting as possible, show off your cozy- house decorating skills.

DON'T: Over decorating your home will turn people off. The flashing, singing Christmas lights, Santa on the roof and the shedding Christmas tree in your living room is overwhelming. Also, it will crowd your room and distract buyers. So just leave the decorations low-key. Maybe a few stockings here and there and some cookies for Santa.

DO: You'll be busy during this time but make sure to make appointments for showings. The upside is; since the season is slow. You won't have as many prospectives, leaving your schedule with little disruption. Those who do take time to look at  your home are serious buyers.

DON'T: Don't cancel and reschedule on and off with buyers.Choose a day and time to make an appointment that you will be sure to keep. Buyers will not want to conduct business if you seem unreliable or inconsistent.

It will be a challenge, but just remember, January is right around the corner.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Top-Selling Holiday Gifts of the Decade

Thanks to a recent list comprised by Esquire magazine we can take a glance at the most popular, holiday frenzied and store-stampede worthy gifts over the past 10 years.

2010 - The Apple Ipad

What else will you get your loved one this year? A candle set?  Not likely.
You can pretty much do anything with this electronic wonder.  From music, movies, 3-G web browsing and more. Unfortunately you might waste all your time playing Angry Birds.

2009- Barnes & Nobel E-book Reader

Is there a need for libraries anymore?  This reading device allows you to obtain the knowledge of any book you desire at the touch of a button. Mark Twain would have been proud.

2008-  Apple Itouch (Ipod Touch 4th Generation)

This was the first internet accessible touch screen Ipod Apple had introduced. In addition; a fraction of what the Iphone cost, enabling it with wings to fly off the shelves.

2006- Sony's Play Station 3

Buying  in on Ebay for twice the price or camping outside the store, either way your mother had better bought this console for you or there would be serious problems.

2005- Microsoft X Box 360

World wide Halo tournaments, the end.

2004- WowWee's Robosapiens

This robotic toy was made to perform dance moves and 67 other programmed actions to keep little tots, sometimes the big one's entertained for 20 minutes.

2002-2003- Hasbro's Beyblades

A hit Japanese cartoon+custom "fighting" spin tops = world domination.

2001- MGA Entertainment's  Bratz Dolls

What seems like the next generation of Barbie was generating billions when it was released to the market.  These preteen-y dolls caused quite the stir. Critics deemed them as inappropriate and a bad influence on young girls. In addition, makers of Barbie  filed a 1.8 billion dollars lawsuit for copy right infringement.

2000- Razor USA's Razor Scooter

A great method of transportation. These awesome little scooters came in a variety of colors, and every kid on the block owned one. Razor even won the "Toy of the Year" award.

From scooters to tablet computers, we've come a long way.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

What the Future Holds for Mercedes - “Biome” Grown in Nature

Oh what a happy day for nature lovers - A new concept car; the Mercedes Benz ‘Biome’ was revealed this week during the Los Angeles Auto Show and you’ll be astonished as to what the “concept” of this car really is.

To put it in simple terms because you, me and everyone else who’s not a biochemical engineer will be utterly confused,  the scientists at Mercedes Benz developed a system called “Symbiosis”. This system entails vehicles to collect energy from the sun and store it in chemical bonds called “BioNectar4534”. Ultimately “Biome” will be able to grow it’s own bio-fiber cloth body organically from chemically engineered ‘seeds’ that bond with actual plants.

It’s said to weigh only 875 pounds and be able to fit four people. Oh, was it mentioned that 'Biome' emits pure oxygen?. This "car" .. so to speak...seems to be pretty beneficial for the environment, in addition to looking awesome.

The bad news is ‘Biome’ will be available to you in about 300 years, until then, you can look for great deals on cars for sale at InetGiant.

Five Easy Tips for a Successful Interview

1. Research.

As much as we all hate doing homework it’s actually very important to do some research on the company you are interviewing for. Apart from the obvious reasons (like what the company actually does), it will basically tell you what the company is looking for so you can say the right things (you’ll be cheating a little). For example you can look through the company’s policies, beliefs and overall work ethic...which can be easily found online.

2. Confidence

Confidence is very important, your employer will sense it as you’re walking through the door, perhaps even over the phone if they’ve been in the business long enough. It’s in your walk, your hand shake, your posture. Make sure you’re on point in all three categories. Enter with your head high, get a good grip on that hand (but don’t shake for too long, it’s awkward) and don’t slouch.

3. "This Job is Mine!"

Think positive. Leave only two options in your mind, option 1. “I will get this job”, option 2. “I will get this job”.

4. Practice makes Perfect?

It’s smart to plan your answers to typical interview questions but be careful not to sound like a generic robot. Think of a twist to the typical “What are your strengths and weaknesses ?” question. Instead of “Time management is my strength because I get all my tasks done on time but it’s also my weakness because I’m over organized and not fun and outgoing as I normally am”, unfortunately, no one has good time management anymore, especially with Facebook around. Maybe something like, I can multitask successfully while playing ‘Farmville’ and chatting with fifteen people. Just kidding... don’t say that, but definitely have something original and realistic prepared.

5. Dress to Impress.

Another person’s perception/ first impression of you is almost always based on how you look.

Men: Wear your best suit, get a haircut, shave and don’t forget to shower (you never know). Avoid bright colored ties or socks.
Ladies: Business attire is a must, a pencil skirt and fitted blazer will do the trick. Don’t wear too much jewelery, or too much makeup for that matter.

Now that you have the outfit, the walk, the talk, you’re ready for an interview and InetGiant has hundreds of job listings in your area!