Friday, May 29, 2009

Sell Your Items on InetGiant

Selling extra items that are taking up space in your home is a great way to make some extra cash as well as un-clutter your living space. There are many places online to sell your unwanted items including online auction sites and online classifieds. Online classifieds have an advantage over auction sites because they are free to use so you will not end up loosing money if your item does not sell. You can also reach a huge audience with classifieds because thousands of people use classifieds everyday to find the items they are looking for. INetGiant is one popular classified website and it is easy to sell your items on InetGiant.

The most important thing to do before you list your items for sale is to make sure your item will actually sell. Look for similar items in classifieds to see if they are selling and what price they are going for. Most household items are worth 30 to 40% of their retail value depending on their age, condition, and the demand for the item. If the item you need to sell is popular and others have sold you can be pretty sure yours will as well. However, if your item is not very valuable or there is no market for it you may not get many responses to your ad.

Pictures are important, and most people who try to sell their items on InetGiant know this and include pictures. There is more to adding pictures than just snapping a few photos and posting them, however. You have to make sure your photos are good. They should not contain clutter or other items; focus only on the item you are trying to sell. Make sure the lighting is good and your item does not look washed out or is in a shadow. The better your pictures the more valuable your item will seem.

Above all always be honest when you post a classified ad and try to sell your item on InetGiant.

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