Tuesday, May 19, 2009

InetGiant has Partnered with Vast.com to Distribute Ads on the Vast Network

Online classifieds are one of the most popular ways people find the products and services they are looking for. From pets, collectibles, and antiques to cars, homes, and furniture classifieds have the products people want. Classifieds are also a great place to advertise a business that provides a service, advertise a job opening or find a service or job you need.

InetGiant is one of the most popular online classified websites with thousands of ads and thousands of visitors. Because online classifieds are so popular a company named Vast has developed a search platform that focuses on Cars, real estate, rentals, vacation rentals, jobs, merchandise, tickets, pets, horses and services, some of the most popular types of classifieds on the net. Vast digs deep into the web to give users access to many relevant ads for both short and long tail keywords. Vast has over 4 million car classifieds, 2 million vacation rental classifieds, and 4 million classifieds of homes for sale.

Vast finds only classified ads that are relevant to your search term so you can find exactly what you are looking for quickly and without browsing through many different ads or classified websites. Vast uses a filtering system to get rid of spam and duplicate ads so searchers only get the best content. Vast quickly indexes classified websites so content is continuously updated for the most current listings are always available.

The best way to get a posting on Vast is to post it to a classifieds website such as InetGiant who has recently partnered with the Vast network. Vast allows third parties such as InetGiant to use its large index through an API so your classified can be seen by millions. Posting on InetGiant has never before given you such a large audience.

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