Thursday, April 30, 2009

InetGiant has Partnered with to Distribute Ads on the OLX Network

With the wide reach of the internet communicating with a global audience has never been easier. It is easy to do business with anyone from anywhere in the world on the internet and internet classifieds give sellers and easy way to market their products or services to anyone no matter where they live.
There are many online classified websites and many of them are targeted to an international audience. Classifieds are not only a good way to buy and sell goods in the United States, they are also very popular in Europe, Asia, and South America. If you are looking for a product sold overseas you can find it easily in international classifieds and if you want to expand your customer base you can sell your goods in classifieds from other countries.
InetGiant, one of the internet’s largest classified websites, has partnered with OLX which provides online classifieds in many international versions including those for India, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, and South America. This opens up a whole new market for IntGiant users and gives sellers more traffic from around the world.
OLX improves the offerings of every classified website affiliated with it because it offers an easy way to give ads a global appeal. OLX automates the process of getting your classified ad distributed on a global level and posted in different languages. With this partnership you can easily have your ad distributed in other countries without having to manually post it on many different sites.
If you have always wanted to get your classifieds distributed on a global level but do not have the time to post them to many different sites or manage many different accounts, the partnership between InetGiant and OLX will make it easier than ever to reach the largest global audience possible.

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