Wednesday, March 25, 2009

InetGiant - Reaching out with Community Events Classifieds

Classifieds have always been a great way to get a message out to the community. While jobs, for sale, real estate, and personals are the most common classified categories, community events classifieds are also popular and a great way to let people know about an upcoming event in your community.

Online classifieds are very popular and receive a lot of traffic. They are one of the best places to reach a large audience because so many people use classifieds. If you are responsible for planning or advertising an upcoming community event, classifieds are a great place to do so because of the traffic they receive and the fact that they are free. Here are some ways to make sure your community event ad reaches the largest audience possible.

Make sure you place your ad well before you even is scheduled. List your ad at least a few weeks before your event, a month or so is best. If you need volunteers or people to sign up for an event make sure you place your ad well before the signup dead line.

You should make sure you include as many details as possible in your community event ad. Give the time, place, address and directions from nearby locations. Include the rain date if there is one, admission fees, or other important information.

While one great thing about online classifieds is that you can reach a global audience, for community events classifieds you should list your ad in local classifieds. Find classifieds that are local to your area of use the sections of larger classifieds websites that are divided by location.

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