Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pets Classifieds

One of the most entertaining classified ad categories to read is the pet category. Pet classifieds are a very popular way to find dogs, cats, and other pets for sale as well as sell puppies, kittens, and other animals. Because pet classifieds are so popular there is a lot of competition. If you want to make sure you sell the pet in our ad you need to make sure your ad is effective as possible.

In print classifieds the ads are all listed for readers to see so it is easy for readers to see all the ads. If you are using online classifieds this is not always the case. In some online classifieds only the headline is displayed and readers must click it to view the ad. This means that the headline must be effective and entice readers to look at your ad. When selling pets it is important to look professional because most people only want to buy animals from reputable sellers. Make your headline descriptive and leave out tacky symbols and words like “look” “cute” and “adorable” because they leave a less professional impression.

It is very important to accurately describe your animals. People prefer to buy animals that are registered, have health checks, and are from good blood lines, but if your animals are not it is not a good idea to say so any way. Buyers will find out eventually and misrepresenting your animals will end up giving you a bad reputation.

Even if you are posting to online classifieds it is important to give more than just an email address for contact information. If you do not want to post this information online make sure you let readers know that you will be happy to communicate by phone if they email you for more info. People can get suspicious if sellers do not want to speak by phone and talking directly to the seller is important to many people, especially in the case of buying animals.

Choose the classified you use carefully and make sue you use a popular one such as InetGiant for the best results.

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