Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Sell Cars Online

Do you have an old car you want to sell? If you are trying to get rid of your old car after you have bought a new one, or you need to sell it to finance the purchase of a new vehicle, the internet can help you do so. Online classifieds such as InetGiant make selling your car fast and easy. There are a few things you should know when you write your classified ad if you want to make the selling process as successful as possible.

• Include all the relevant information about your car in your ad. If you leave out any details buyers may skip your ad and check out a listing that is complete.

• Make sure your description is accurate. If you try to talk up your car too much buyers will be turned off when they discover the true condition of your car.

• Always include pictures if you can. Some classifieds allow you to include pictures, others do not. If you can add pictures include as many as possible.

• Figure out what your car is worth and ask for a reasonable price. You can look at ads for similar cars and use car pricing resources such as Kelly Blue Book to determine what your car is worth. If you ask for a price that is too high you will not get many responses. However, if you price your car too low buyers may not call because they will think there is something wrong with your car.

• Getting a car history report is always a good idea so that buyers can be confident that the car they are buying has not had any major damage. If a car has had more than one owner it may have been in an accident or had repairs that can impact its performance.

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