Monday, February 2, 2009

Electronics and appliances Classifieds

Many people use online classifieds to buy the items they need for their home. With more and more people looking to save money classifieds have become even more popular and many people are even using them to make extra cash by selling their unneeded goods. If you are planning to buy new electronics such as a TV, cell phone, game console, computer, or new appliances such as a washer, dryer, refrigerator, or stove it is a good idea to check out the classifieds to see if you can find a good deal. If you need to make some extra money here are some tips to get the best response as possible from your classified ad.

It is important to make your headline clear so that people will stop to read your ad. State the type of item you are selling and the most important facts such as condition, features, and manufacturer. Keep your headline short and easy to understand. Don’t use abbreviations unless they are ones that are common and most people know what they mean.

In your ad don’t misrepresent your item or try to make your electronics or appliances sound better than they are. This will only cause you trouble when the buyer realizes that what you are selling is not the same as the ad stated.

It is also important to know what price to ask for. Electronic and appliances are popular items for classifieds ads and will almost always sell, if you ask for the right price. If you ask for to little you will either end up loosing out on money you could have had or no one will be interested in your item because it will not seem valuable. If you ask for too much you will probably not be able to sell your item because buyers will be able t find it cheaper else ware. The best way to determine a price to ask for is to look at prices for similar electronics and appliances in the classifieds and to aim for about 30 percent of the retail value. Choose the classified you use carefully and make sue you use a popular one such as InetGiant for the best results.

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