Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Collectibles Classified Ads

Collectibles are some of the most popular items for sale in the classifieds. People know that they can find their favorite collectibles if they watch the classifieds which means the classifieds will bring a large audience to your ad. Online classifieds are now even more popular than print classifieds and are a great place to advertise your collectibles. Here are some tips when you are selling your collectibles in online classifieds.

Unlike print classifieds, online classifieds require users to click an ads headline to view the ad copy. This means that for online classifieds the headline is more important than ever. An ads headline is what determines if a reader will click and read the ad, or move on to the next one. When you place your collectible classified make your headline effective by including important information that will interest readers looking for your collectible. Include the type of item you are selling, the year it was made, the material, and any other important information. Vague headlines or headlines with words like “look” and “great deal” will not get as much response as specific headlines.

You want to list as much information about your collectible as possible while staying as concise as possible. If your ad is too long readers may loose interest and click out of your ad before they get to your contact information. Speaking of contact information, it is always a good idea to include your phone number as well as email because most people feel more comfortable speaking directly with someone before they make the purchase.

Online classifieds are a great way to make extra cash by selling unwanted household items and collectibles because many people use them when they are looking for specific items. Make sure your headline and ad are specific and accurate and you should receive plenty of replies. Choose the classified you use carefully and make sue you use a popular one such as InetGiant for the best results.

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