Thursday, January 22, 2009

Using Classifieds To Sell Art And Antiques

One of the best yard sale finds are art and antiques. Many people have stumbled upon great art and antique deals at these types of sales and some people make their living buying these items at great prices and later selling them for a profit. If you want to sell art and antiques, whether you just have some old pieces lying around or you want to make a business out of finding great pieces and reselling them, the internet makes it easy to sell art and antiques.

There are many venues in which to sell art and antiques online. Auction websites are very popular and because of their popularity they have many benefits and drawbacks. Large online auction websites have a large amount of traffic, but they charge high commission fees and because of the chances of fraud buyers are often wary of purchasing from sellers who have not established themselves in the marketplace. Another alternative is online classifieds and they can be a great place to sell art and antiques.

Online classifieds also receive a lot of traffic and they can be much less expensive than auction websites. They are a great place to sell art and antiques online if you know how to write appealing ads. Effective classified ads can be a very lucrative if you use the following advice to write your ads.

The most important part of classified ads is the title. The title is what determines if readers look at your ad or don’t give it a second glance. Titles need to grab the reader’s attention as well as clearly state what the ad is for. Hype, over exaggerating, symbols, and other gimmicks are the worst things to include in a title. They make your ad seem unprofessional and drive readers away.

Your ad also needs to be professional, succinct, and you need to represent your antique or art piece accurately. There is a myriad of free classifieds online from well known sites such as Craig’s List and InetGiant to niche sites that specialize in art and antiques.

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