Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Most Common Car Classified Ad Mistakes

Classified ads are a great way to sell unwanted items and have gained a lot of popularity online as well as in print media. Car classified ads are some of the most common types of classifieds, but unfortunately they also have some common mistakes that often prevent them from being successful. Before you place your car classified on a classified website such as make sure you avoid these mistakes.

1. Not properly describing the car.

The make, model and year of the car you are trying to sell are the most important pieces of information. However, they are left out of many car classifieds causing hen to not get the desired response.

2. Making it hard to contact you.

While emails are the preferred method of communication for many situations today, not including your phone number in your car classified is a big mistake. Most people want to discuss the car before they buy it and look for a phone number.

4. Using too much hype.

Bragging or “talking up” your car too much will almost always backfire. Readers are usually turned off by excessive hype and showy language. Stick to the facts and you will have a much easier time getting a response.

5. Leaving out or listing the wrong price.

Leaving out a price can turn off some buyers who do not want to haggle too much. Asking too low of a price will cause your car to have a low perceived value and it may not attract attention. If you ask too much you may not get any takers. Find out the value of your car from a reputable source and use it to price your car.

6. Using too many abbreviations

There are some common abbreviations that most people are familiar with in classified ads, but if you use too many or use obscure ones you may not get many responses because people will be confused by your ad.

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